G3 Sunflower Harvesting Headers

Model: G03
Product: Sunflower
Type: Rigid Harvesting Header
Model: GH3
Product: Sunflower
Type: Folding Harvesting Header

SUNFLOWER HEADERS for all combine types*
type number rows * inter-row distance ** type number rows * inter-row distance **
rigid G03 from 2 to 16 70-75-80 cm folding
from 6 to 12 70-75-80 cm
from 6 to 16 45 cm from 8 to 12 45 cm
* different number of rows available upon request ** different row spacing available upon request

G3 Sunflower Harvesting Headers (available models: G03 and GH3)

The Sunflower Header G3 has been designed to minimize seed loss mantaining the speed through harvest.

The specially designed G3 Row Unit Covers and the Central Feeding Auger retain the seeds, prevent crop loss and maximize the harvest performances.

The G3 Sunflower Harvesting Header is easily adapted to any combine and available as rigid and folding head, with inter-row spacing starting from 45 cm.

Technical Advantages

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Row Units Transmission

Row units are connected by double chain couplers and telescop shafts.
Quick and easy removal. Less down-time for repairs.


Special Cutting Disc System

The counter rotating cutting discs assure a gentle cut of the plant without shaking, resulting in minimal seed loss.


Gathering System

Two gathering chains, featured with rubber teeth, hold the plant gently but firmly and transport the harvested material to the central auger, ensuring a consistent flow and an oustanding product retrieval.


Divider Points

Long Divider Points assure exceptional performance in down corn. During transport they can be easily folded to ensure safer conditions.


Specially Shaped Row Unit Covers

The specially designed covers catch sunflower heads preventing their fall and minimizing crop losses.


Attachment Kit - Adjustable Inclination and Versatile Settings

The header is easily adapted to any combine drive speed and the header angle can easily be adjusted according to working conditions.
Easily mounted. It does not require specialised operator training.


Stalk Chopper

Available as optional for Fantini sunflower headers G03


Simple and Robust Design

The simple and robust design of FANTINI Sunflower (and corn) harvesting headers guarantee a stronger, more durable performance.
Optimal reliability in all working conditions.


Accessories on request:

- Light Bar
- Double Transmission
- Spare-parts Kit


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