GP Sunflower Harvesting Bar

Model: GP
Product: Sunflower
Type: Rigid Harvesting Bar

SUNFLOWER GP Technical Specifications
GP 5500 5.70 5.93 2.53 1890
GP 6400 6.63 6.85 2.53 2270
GP 7400 7.54 7.77 2.53 2650
GP 9400 9.60 9.82 2.53 3140

Guide specifications. Fantini S.r.l. has the right to change the specifications without notice.

GP Sunflower Harvesting Bar

FANTINI GP operates totally free from seeding rows and runs smoothly even in the most adverse conditions. The sunflower is guided from the divider points to the knives until the sunflower heads are captured by the reel. Once the cut of the stalk is performed, the reel brings the flower into the intake auger ensuring a continuous and homogenous feeding.

Technical Advantages

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Feeding Aгger

The intake Auger perfectly guides the flower heads into the feed rake conveyor.


Cutting System

The gear box and the whole cutting system are built with high quality materials and components. The divider points have been designed to ensure exceptional picking speed and to minimize product loss.



The Auger is equipped with a safety clutch to ensure a solid reliable transmission mechanism.


External Rear Transmission

The transmission mechanism is composed of a cardan shaft and of a splined shaft connected to the combine power by a PTO shaft. 


Attachment Kit with Adjustable Inclination

The Sunflower Head can be easily adapted to all combines. The attachment kits can be replaced without the assistance of specialized operators.


Stalk Chopper Kit

The Independent Row Unit Head can be equipped with a Stalk Chopper Kit. The cutting
ystem is composed of blade discs with mechanical gearboxes and it covers the entire
arvesting length. A cardan shaft activates the system mechanically from the right side
of the transmission channel of the combine. The adjustment of the cutting height is
hydraulically driven from the combine cab.


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